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My name is Samantha Poole, I am a new mom to our baby girl. We live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A few weeks after having the most wonderful birth experience I met with a friend of mine who had had her little babe a few weeks before me. We had our tiny babies bundled up in their car seats (they were still small enough to sleep through almost all of a coffee and lunch date), it was early days for us as brand new moms and over lunch, we shared the stories of our births…
I felt pure elation telling the story of my beautiful birth, followed by deep heartache after my friend shared her story of how she felt completely unsupported after her baby was born. I had delivered my baby in a birthing centre, I had an unmedicated, natural, water birth… I was supported by my fiancé, the most wonderful midwife and our doula whom I swear I would not have been able to have the experience I had, without. She freed up space for Ron to be everything I needed while she supported us physically and emotionally…
After our girl was born, we were given space and guidance on how to breastfeed, we were made to feel safe and supported. My friend who delivered her baby in a hospital did not have this experience. Her baby was whisked away from her, she was not given assistance to try to breastfeed her baby, who was then given a formula bottle without her consent… she explained how she felt cold and left in the dark.
My experience and this conversation with my friend inspired me to create this movement, a movement which I hope will create awareness around your choices in the type of birth you experience, no matter how your birth unfolds, I hope that my story and the stories of other moms will inspire you to feel empowered about your birth…



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To share your birth story please email  birthfreedommovement@gmail.com

For business and collaboration enquiries please email birthfreedommovement@gmail.com

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